Download Google Drive. The official version is free

In a world where technology occupies one of the main places in people's lives, cloud storage is very popular. Such data storage services are convenient because they provide additional space for information, photos, videos, etc. Thus, you do not need to store everything on your computer, laptop or phone. Some files that are relatively unnecessary to you or vice versa, you can upload to disk and leave there indefinitely. Google Drive is a prime example of a utility for storing data outside of your device. Download the official version of Google Drive for free from our website and free up space in your device's memory.


The presented application is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows - Install cloud storage on your device running Windows OS and enjoy free gigabytes on your PC and laptop.
  • Mac OS - Download the Google Drive app to your Mac OS device and manage your data on your PC and laptop.
  • Android - download the program to your Android smartphone to be able to clear your phone's memory by sending files to the cloud.
  • iOS - install the utility on an iOS smartphone to upload information, photos and videos to disk and free up the device's memory.

Program functionality

The application is multifunctional and has a lot of advantages and features:

  • The ability to add files to disk and view them from multiple devices. Install Google Drive on your computer, laptop and phone, log in to your account and get access to files from any device.
  • Add files and documents of any format. You can upload photos, videos, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, etc. to disk.
  • Full guarantee of data and file protection. Your information is not shared with third parties and third-party organizations. Everything is confidential, so there is no reason to worry about the security of the service.
  • The ability to provide access to personal data to other users. You can open access to your files to your family, friends, etc.
  • The ability to work in Google Drive cloud applications to create documents, presentations and tables online. You can edit these files together with friends and colleagues by giving them access.
  • The Google Forms service provides an opportunity to create various kinds of questionnaires and surveys, both open and anonymous. A large selection of themes, design colors, types of questions and answers, etc.


Google Drive will become your indispensable assistant for all occasions. You can upload files to Google Drive, provide access to them to third parties, work in cloud applications and much more. Install the utility for free on your PC, laptop or smartphone and enjoy working in the cloud storage program.